“Nevertheless” last episode: Song Kang’s regret of losing Han So Hee, revealing the ending

Only after Song Kang lost Han So Hee did he truly regret it.

In the last episode of JTBC’s Saturday drama “Nevertheless” aired on August 21, Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee) expressed her feeling of great disappointment towards Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) and ended their relationship.

In the scene, Yoo Na Bi said she was hurt by Park Jae Eon’s harsh words; then, she asked whether Jae Eon regretted that they had met each other. Jae Eon replied, “I regret it. I regret everything, including you, this relationship that was like a lie, and every moment with you. But I will not blame you for anything. Although I had known beforehand that there would be no answer for our relationship, I still trembled and got crazy because I kept on wondering if you took this thing seriously.”

Nabi answered, “As you said before, I have a choice in this relationship. From this moment, do not ever show up in front of me again.” and finally ended their relationship. She went home, leaving Park Jae Eon alone with his tears.

Only then, Park Jae Eon regretted all of his actions and words. He said to himself, “I realize it now. I’m the person who ruined everything”. He kept on thinking of Yoo Na Bi’s expression when she said she was hurt. Recalling the moment when she cried and sighed, Jae Eon couldn’t fall asleep.

So what is the final ending? Will Yoo Nabi forgive Jae Eon or give Do Hyuk a chance?

On the day of the gallery exhibition, everyone’s attention was focused on Yunabi’s work. Even the professor called Yunabi and praised her, saying, “It must have been difficult to do it again in a short time, but you did it well”.

Nabi met Do Hyuk again there and he asked her: “You love Jae Eon right?”. Nabi replied: “I think so. But you’re right. I’m pretty sure he’s not the one to make me happy. It would be ridiculous to tell you this now. But the times I’ve been through. I’m very happy with you. Sorry Do Hyeok.”

After rejecting Do Hyuk’s affection, Na Bi went to the exhibition site in the evening in the hope of meeting Jae Eon again. And there, Park Jae Eon and Yoo Nabi were finally reunited. Na Bi realized he is her fate and love.

Na Bi approached Park Jae Eon and asked, “Why are you here?” However, her Yu Na-bi’s heart was clearly revealed through the bracelet on her wrist, which Park Jae-eon gave her. Na Bi said, “I don’t like you. I know you’re a bad guy who always plays with others’ hearts, but because you can see that, I think I’ll live here for a while. Thus, don’t go anywhere, stay by my side.” She confirmed her heart by kissing Jae Eon.

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