“Jang Na Ra’s father” Joo Ho Sung: “Now have a good son-in-law, a friend who works with passionate”

Actor Joo Ho Sung mentioned his son-in-law.

Joo Ho Sung recently appeared as a guest on KBS 1TV’s “AM Plaza,” which aired on December 6th.

When announcer Kim Jae Won asked, “Jang Na Ra looks exactly like her mother, doesn’t she?” Joo Ho Sung laughed, saying, “People think she looks like me when they have only seen me, but everyone exclaimed ‘Ah~’ after seeing her mother.”

jang na ra mother

Many can’t help but exclaim in awe after seeing Jang Na-ra‘s mother, whose doll-like beauty Jang Na Ra resembles. “She’s a real beauty” and “They do look the same,” they said.

Joo Ho Sung bragged about his daughter, saying, “When she stands next to her mom, it’s like that. But if her photo is put next to mine, well…” “Her walking and habits are very similar to mine,” Joo added.

Jang na ra

Talking about Jang Na Ra’s recent wedding, Joo Ho Sung said, “I now have a good son-in-law. He is a friend who does his job with passion,” expressing his adoration for his son-in-law.

When asked about “Seagull,” a stage play Joo Ho Sung stars in, Joo said, “Lee Soon Jae is both the director and part of the cast. I was double-cast in the same role as Lee Soon Jae. This work is on Lee Soon Jae’s bucket list,” he said.

joo ho sung

Joo Ho Sung also thanked his wife for supporting his theatrical activities. Joo shared, “I think stage play is a testament to me. I perform while reflecting on what I did wrong in my life and what I did wrong to my family.”

“Long-term theater plays are usually performed for for a period of six months or a year. When I got a casting call to do a long-run TV soap opera, my wife refused. In my wife’s eyes, that means money flying away. Among the works that I refused to do, there is one KBS has been doing for 10 years,” he said.

Source: Newsen

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