Jessica Jung’s face was swollen from being bitten by a mosquito during filming of “Sisters Who Make Waves”

Jessica, a former SNSD member, drew attention by showing her natural appearance in “Sisters Who Make Waves”

In China Mango TV’s ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 3‘, which was released last week, the contestants’ fourth performance preparation process and stage were revealed.

jessica jung sisters who make waves

In today’s broadcast, Jessica started practicing hard to perform choreography and singing at the same time. Jessica worked in a group with Danny Lee and Wang Zixuan to practice the song ‘NAMANANA’. During the training, Wang Zixuan injured her ankle, and Jessica was bitten by a mosquito in the eye area during camping. Her face even became puffy.

jessica jung sisters who make waves

However, on stage, she appeared with makeup that perfectly covered the mosquito bite and gave an impressive performance.

jessica jung sisters who make waves

Jessica appeared on the show twice. In the second half of the stage, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Li e, Zhu Jiejing, and Wang Zixuan took the stage of “Annoying Autumn Wind,” impressing viewers and audiences.

jessica jung sisters who make waves

Chinese Mango TV’s “Sisters Who Make Waves 3” is a program in which female stars in their 30s and older make their re-debut as girl groups through competitions, and it was first broadcast in May and is gaining popularity.

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