Surpassing BTS and SEVENTEEN, this person topped May’s singer brand reputation ranking

The singer brand reputation ranking for the month of May, 2023, has been revealed, with BTS and SEVENTEEN in the Top 3. 

According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, they analyzed 123,996,929 pieces of big data related to singer brands from April 27th to May 27th, focusing on consumer brand participation, media coverage, communication, and community analysis.

The singer brand reputation index is a metric that extracts big data of singers’ brands, which are loved by consumers through their music, and analyzes consumer behavior, classifying them into participation value, communication value, media value, and community value. It also includes analysis of positive and negative sentiment ratios and reputation analysis algorithms.

Lim Youngwoong, who achieved the top position in singer brand reputation, had a brand reputation index of 9,343,800, with a participation index of 2,167,652, media index of 2,804,753, communication index of 2,271,854, and community index of 2,099,542. Compared to his April’s brand reputation index of 8,011,212, there is an increase of 16.63%.


Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute’s Director, Koo Chang Hwan, stated, “According to the analysis of singer brand reputation big data in May 2023, Lim Young Woong’s brand ranked first. Looking at the detailed analysis, the brand consumption increased by 9.13%, brand issues increased by 10.84%, brand communication decreased by 1.84%, and brand expansion decreased by 18.79%.”


Furthermore, he added, “Lim Young Woong’s brand, which has built a strong fan community, ranked first, followed by BTS, whose brand interacts with fans through individual activities, in second place, and SEVENTEEN, who showcased powerful content, in third place. BLACKPINK, who have become a global icon through global activities, ranked fourth, and NewJeans, who is leading the hip trend, recorded fifth place.

Here is the list of the top 30 singer brand reputations in May 2023, in sequential order:

  1. Lim Young Woong
  2. BTS
  5. NewJeans
  6. IVE
  7. aespa
  8. Fifty Fifty
  10. IU
  11. Lee Chan Won
  12. Kim Ho Jung
  13. Young Tak
  14. (G)I-DLE
  15. Na Hoon Ah
  16. PSY
  17. Lee Young Ji
  18. Song Ga In
  19. NCT
  20. Cho Yong Pil
  21. Jung Dong Won
  22. Kang Daniel
  23. Taeyeon
  24. Jang Min Ho
  25. TWICE
  26. EXO
  27. Kim Hee Jae
  28. Girls’ Generation
  29. Jay Park
  30. Oh My Girl

Source: Daum

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