Jeon Somin expresses anger at ex-boyfriend’s request for proof of past relationship from 10 years ago 

Jeon Somin recently shared her story about an ex-boyfriend who contacted her, asking for proof of their past relationship.

On March 22, in the new episode uploaded to HaHa’s YouTube channel, HaHa and Jeon Somin celebrated White Day while drinking wine. 

jeon so min

Jeon Somin shared a story about her ex-boyfriend, saying, “He was an older brother figure at the practice room, and the younger brother of a close friend. I fell asleep on the couch at the friend’s house, and when someone covered me with a blanket, I thought it was the friend, but it was actually the younger brother.” This story garnered many amusing comments from viewers.

Jeon Somin added, “When he confessed his feelings for me, I told him it was my first time dating and that I needed some time to think about it. However, when he said that he would disappear if I didn’t accept his feelings, I felt pressured and said I liked him too. We dated long-distance while he lived in Gwacheon and I lived in Ilsan. But we broke up before he enlisted in the military.”

jeon so min

Jeon Somin then shared her anger about receiving a message from an ex-boyfriend 10 years later, asking her to confirm their past relationship. 

She said, “He asked me how I was doing, and then asked if I could talk to his friend on the phone. When I asked why, he said, ‘I told my friend that I dated you, but he doesn’t believe me. Can you tell him we dated?’ I was so upset and uncomfortable.”

HaHa criticized the ex-boyfriend for being rude, and Jeon Somin added, “If I had met him after a long time, it could have been a big problem. I could have gone crazy. I really didn’t like it.”

Source: Nate

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