Comedian Yang Se-hyung reportedly saved an elderly woman choking on food at a restaurant 

Comedian Yang Se-hyung is known to have rescued an elderly woman who had breathing difficulty due to food stuck in her throat at a restaurant.

According to reports by Yonhap News on April 19th, Yang Se-hyung visited a restaurant in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu with some people at around 7 p.m on April 17th and found an elderly woman, who was eating with her family in the next seat, complaining of breathing difficulty.

The woman’s son tried the Heimlich Maneuver, the first aid procedure used when the airway gets blocked but her condition did not improve so the restaurant called 119 for an emergency. At this moment, Yang Se-hyung tried the Heimlich Maneuver again and the elderly woman later regain her consciousness thanks to Yang Se-hyung’s measures. The restaurant manager then canceled the emergency report and Yang Se-hyung reportedly left the restaurant after finishing his meal.

Yang Se-hyung

It is known that Yang Se-hyung learned the first aid methods such as CPR and Heimlich Maneuver when appearing on SBS’s entertainment show “Master in the House”. An emergency official said, “At 7:05 p.m on the 17th, I received a call from a restaurant that reported ‘a customer cannot breathe because of food stuck in her throat’. 7 minutes later, I received another call to cancel the report, saying ‘the customer’s condition has improved’.”

Yang Se-hyung

The restaurant manager told Yonhap News, “The grandmother, who had breathing difficulty, and her family have been our regular customers for over 10 years”, adding, “Yang Se-hyung came forward and saved the grandmother. I was really touched by him. Thank you very much”.

Yang Se-hyung

Yang Se-hyung’s agency said, “Yang Se-hyung said he would not reveal a position separately because he did not do anything that needs a position release”. Yang Se-hyung made his debut as a comedian through SBS’s 7th open recruitment in 2003. He is currently appearing in several programs, such as “Master in the House”, MBS’s  “Where Is My Home”, “Omniscient Interfering View”, etc. 

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