Lee Dong Hwi showed “lover’s support” for Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Jung Jae’s backhug pictorial 

Actor Lee Dong Hwi, who is in a public relationship with model-actress Jung Ho Yeon, showed support for her friendly photoshoot with Lee Jung Jae

On September 7th, famous actor Lee Jung Jae posted several photos with model-actress Jung Ho Yeon on his Instagram. The photos belong to a pictorial for The Hollywood Reporter. 

In the published photos, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon adopted a cozy concept in accordance with the autumn atmosphere.

lee jung jae jung ho yeon

The two, who became close after co-starring in the Netflix original drama “Squid Game”, took the pictorial with playful expressions on their faces. 

In particular, the friendly back hug between the two attracts attention. The warm chemistry between them, which feels like siblings and somewhat loving, easily catches the eye. 

lee jung jae jung ho yeon thumbnail

Meanwhile, netizens quickly notice that Jung Ho Yeon’s long term lover, actor Lee Dong Hwi clicked “Like” on Lee Jung Jae’s post, suggesting that there is no more to Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Jung Jae’s relationship. 

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been dating since 2015. Lee Dong Hwi was born in 1985 and Jung Ho Yeon was born in 1994, making for a 9-year age gap.

Source: nate

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