“Taeyeon is auntie, Karina is older sister,” How Park Min-ha decides what to call other celebrities

Child actor and shooting athlete Park Min-ha called Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation and aespa Karina differently.

On Sep 7th, Park Min-ha posted on her Instagram a photo with the caption, “Very pretty older sister Karina and auntie Taeyeon. And nice uncle Minho.”

Park Min-ha

In the released photo is Park Min-ha smiling brightly with Minho, Karina, and Taeyeon. In the caption, the titles Park Min-ha calls the celebrities by are attracting attention.

Park Min-ha, who turned 16 this year, caught the eye by calling 23-year-old Karina her older sister and 34-year-old Tae-yeon her auntie. Minho, who just entered his 30s, was given the title of uncle.

Park Min-ha also call Yoona of Girls’ Generation “auntie”

On the same day, Park Min-ha also called Yoona, another member of Girls’ Generation, auntie in another post. Park Min-ha posted a photo taken with Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Jin Sun-kyu, and Yoona, who worked together in “Confidential Assignment 2,” and wrote, “Our ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ Team’s aunties and uncles.”

As Yoona is one year younger than Taeyeon, many are guessing that Park Min-ha calls anyone in their 20s sister, and anyone in their 30s and up auntie and uncle. However, some responded by saying, “But Girls’ Generation is forever our idol,” and “I can feel the reality that we are getting older together.”

As an actress today, as a shooting athlete tomorrow…Park Min-ha, a versatile star

Meanwhile, Park Min-ha, the third daughter of Park Chan-min, a former SBS announcer, made her debut in the drama “Indomitable Daughters-in-Law” in 2011 and made her face known by appearing in the dramas “Queen of Ambition,” “Pots of Gold,” “Mrs. Cop,” the movies “Flu” and “Confidential Assignment.” Following “Confidential Assignment”, she also appeared in “Confidential Assignment 2: International”.

Park Min-ha

Park Min-ha was recently selected as the representative of Gyeonggi-do Province as the No. 1 air rifle shooting athlete in the women’s middle school category for the National Youth Sports Festival, drawing attention.

Park Min-ha

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