MAMA drops rebranding trailer as MAMA Awards, confirmed to take place in November 

The 2022 MAMA Awards has released a rebranding teaser video. 

CJ ENM will rebrand MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) into MAMA Awards starting from this year. The 2022 MAMA Awards will be held on November 29th and 30th for the first time in Japan. The teaser trailer for the 2022 MAMA Awards has also been released.

The released video started with the Mnet Video Music Awards in 1999, declaring itself as the first Asian music awards ceremony in Korea. It highlights the 13-year MAMA Heritage until 2022 after changing it to the Mnet Asian Music Awards. MAMA, which has steadily expanded based on the passion of fans around the world, and growth of K-POP, has now announced that it will evolve into the World’s No.1 K-pop Awards beyond Asia. At the end of the video, the newly changed trophy after rebranding as MAMA Awards was unveiled for the first time.


The newly refurbished trophy is called Hyper Cube. The top of the Hyper Cube is in the shape of a cube that has been maintained as a MAMA heritage for the past 21 years, and the lines at the bottom the infinite connection and evolution of fans and artists with various lights. The Hyper Cube maintains the gold color of the existing trophy to reflect the heritage, but it foreshadows that the emotion of the golden journey that fans and artists have made together will continue.


Each of the six sides of the Hyper Cube contains the meaning of “challenge” that does not stop, “passion” that does not turn off, “dream” that does not end, “growth” that does not have limitations, “expansion” that goes beyond the rules, and “uniqueness” that only we have. As the new trophy is revealed, who will be the winners to receive the new trophy at the end of this year?

Starting with the release of this rebranding teaser video, the 2022 MAMA Awards plans to sequentially unveil the concept of this year’s event as well as the new changes to rebranding.


Previously, CJ ENM announced that it would rebrand Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS to MAMA Awards in line with changes in the global music market, such as the expansion of K-pop’s influence from Asia to global. With the rebranding announcement, CJ ENM said, “As an award ceremony, we will establish a differentiated identity and present shows and stages with iconic scenes unique to MAMA. We will evolve to become the World’s No.1 K-pop Awards to inform the world of the true value of K-pop in earnest.”


The 2022 MAMA Awards is confirmed to be held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan for two days, on November 29th and 30th. Kyocera Dome Osaka, an indoor sports arena that can accommodate 40,000 people, has already hosted several concerts by many K-pop stars.  It is a familiar place for domestic and foreign K-pop fans.  This time, for the first time at Kyocera Dome, an awards ceremony will be presented for two consecutive days.


The 2022 MAMA Awards will be broadcast live worldwide through major global digital channels including YouTube.

Source: daum

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