Jennie’s fans demand an apology from Jung Yongguk for mentioning Jennie in her manager’s illegal parking story

Jennie’s fans have demanded an apology after comedian Jung Yong-guk mentioned Jennie when he revealed an anecdote with BLACKPINK’s manager who had illegally parked in front of his restaurant in the past.

Jung Yong-guk appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Bae Seong-jae’s Ten” on the evening of May 6th and tell the story of Jennie and her staffs who visited the gopchang restaurant he runs.


He said he had asked the BLACKPINK‘s manager, who parked first in front of the store, to move the car, but the manager rejected, saying it was “all right even if we got a traffic ticket.”

He then said, “I was asked to prepare the food and seats for several people in advance. It was at that moment that I knew it would be a celebrity coming,” he said. “When I serve the food, I saw that it was indeed BLACKPINK Jennie. She can do that,” he quivered.


However, Jennie’s domestic and overseas fans strongly criticized Jeong’s comments. They went to his posts on SNS and commented: “Apologize to Jennie“, “It was her manager who did the wrong thing, don’t pull her into this“, and “You’ve received a lot of attention“. There are more than 2,000 comments posted on his SNS posts right now.

Source: nate

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