Han So Hee and Kylie Jennie boast their visuals alongside other anticipated faces at the Paris Fashion Week 2022 

At a fashion show under the Paris Fashion Week, stunning faces from around the world gathered for a “visual feast”. 

Thanks to their marketing success and countless unique fashion creations, Balenciaga, under the hands of designer Demna Gvasalia, is quick to solidify their position on the fashion map. The event of the brand becomes a hotspot for A-list Hollywood stars and social media influencers to come together. 

In the Spring- Summer 2023 show, under the Paris Fashion Week, the brand continued to light up the “black carpet” with anticipated appearances. Han So Hee, Doja Cat, Kylie Jennie and many more are the names that brought a huge amount of social media engagement to the show. 

Han So-hee
When it seemed that Han So Hee and Balenciaga would never cross paths due to the divergence in style, the actress somehow embodied the spirit of the brand in a more feminine and delicate manner. Her overcoat and black lace dress were Han So Hee’s most commonly used items in her famous works. 
Paris Fashion Week 2022
Kylie Jenner also reminded viewers of Kim Kardashian in a similar design. Despite her floor-length dress, the fuzzy material still accentuated her curvy physique.  On the contrary, Khloe Kardashian presented with an expected look. Instead of wearing revealing clothes, the Kardashian only put on a jacket over a tight catsuit. Her only stress was the Mask Butterfly glasses. 
Paris Fashion Week 2022
Black was the most popular color of the event. Fashionista Chiara Ferragni chose a wool skirt with matching above-elbow-length gloves. 
Paris Fashion Week 2022
“Queen of Thai showbiz”  Chompoo Araya put on a unique look with oversized attire and radio-shaped bag from Balenciaga
Paris Fashion Week 2022
PP Krit wore a plain white oversized suit, complementing his fair skin tone. In recent years, PP Krit drew the attention of acclaimed designers for his remarkable artistic activities. 
Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jay Chou embodied the streetwear spirit with a youthful look: hoodie and oversized jeans. 
Paris Fashion Week 2022
Famous stars such as Alexa Demie, Salma Hayek or models such as Naomi Campbell, Vittoria Ceretti also appeared at the event. 

Image source: Twitter, Vogue, Getty Images, Pinterest, Elle.

Source: K14

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