Tom Cruise in his 60s, restoring old visual despite wrinkles on his face

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise’s recent status has been revealed.

On Oct 1st (local time), America’s media outlet released photos containing the recent status of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise (61 years old).

According to the report, Tom Cruise flew a helicopter himself in London, England on that day.

Tom Cruise

In the photos, Tom Cruise flew the helicopter and safely landed on the landing pad.

Tom Cruise

Earlier, Tom Cruise made headlines for his rapidly aging face. At that time, his face was swollen and saggy, making fans feel sorry for him. He was also embroiled in suspicions of getting a face filler injection. However, although there were wrinkles on his face in the photos, his old visual was restored and attracted attention.

Tom Cruise

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise recently visited Korea to promote the movie “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Tom Cruise divorced actress Katie Holmes in August 2012. After divorce, Katie Holmes got custody and is living in New York with the daughter Suri Cruise.

Source: Nate

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