3rd place is Jay Park, 2nd place is Baek Ye-rin, and 1st place is… Stars whose tattoos fans want to erase

Netizens chose Nana (32) from idol group After School as the star whose tattoos they want to erase the most.

As the result of a voting poll on the online community DCInside voting, “Whose tattoos do you want to erase because you don’t want to see their tattoos?” Nana ranked first. The vote was held for a total of seven days from Sep 26th to Oct 2nd.

Nana, who topped the list with 3,988 (18%) of the 23,119 votes cast, recently appeared covered in tattoos at the production briefing for the movie “Confession.” Contrary to netizens’ thoughts that those were semi-permanent henna, Nana confessed that those were actual tattoos, saying, “I did it not because of the movie, but because I wanted to do it personally.”


Singer Baek Ye-rin then came in second with 3,198 (14%) votes. Baek Ye-rin, who is loved for her unique voice and vibe, revealed her recent status on her SNS and attracted attention by revealing the tattoos all over her body. In particular, she expresses her personality through colored watercolor-like tattoos and the black and white dragon tattoo.

baek yerin

Rapper Jay Park came in third place. Jay Park first entered the tattoo world with the name of his crew engraved behind his ears. He said he liked it because he could express his mind and philosophy through tattoos. Jay Park drew attention last year by declaring that he would stop getting new tattoos, saying, “My parents hate tattoos, so I think it’s time  for me to stop getting tattoos.”

Jay Park thumbnail 210222

In addition, Jung-kook, Chae-young, and Song Min-ho are also mentioned in the chart.

Below is a graph showing the top three.

Tattoo K-pop idols

Source: Wikitree

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