Idols over 28 years old MUST enlist due to the change in Korea’s military services rule

If receiving calls from military, idols are not allowed to delay their services any longer.

On June 8th, KPOP forums from Korea and International Kpop fans Communities suddenly became so incredibly crowded due to the change of the Korean Military Service Law.

According to news from Korean newspapers, from coming August, all male citizens who are over 28 years old (those who were born in and before 1991) will not able to delay mandatory military services with any reason if receiving call demand. Citizens who are over 25 years old (those who were born in and before 1994) will be limited in departure activities, they are not allowed to go abroad more than 5 times in a year, at the same time, the total duration of staying abroad cannot exceed 6 months.

Because of this new change of Military Service rule, the male idol Doojoon (Highlight), born in 1989, was not allowed to leave Korea to join the K-Food Fair in Hanoi on June 9th as well as the fan meeting fan in Bangkok, Thailand on June 24th.

For the KPOP entertainment industry, new Military service rule will have a strong impact on most male artists, especially idols from the boygroup.

While the artists including solo singers, actors, models can easily adjust the schedule to comply with the laws, the KPOP idols who have to travel between countries to join events, go international tours, promote their music abroad … will face a lot of troubles when their going abroad chances are limited.

In addition, enforcing the 28-year-old idol to join the army when being called will cause a member lost in boygroups in the future. Some groups with several members that fans need to prepare to say a temporary goodbye are EXO, BTS, Highlight, WINNER, iKON, SHINee, VIXX, GOT7

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