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“You’re a hidden gem”, Eun-hyuk praised 1MILLION Yumeki, who beat Mbitious Ocheon on “Street Man Fighter”

Eun-hyuk was surprised by the battle between 1MILLION Yumeki & Root and Mbitious Ocheon & Jinwoo on “Street Man Fighter”.

In Mnet’s program “Street Man Fighter”, which aired on the evening of August 30th, Yumeki & Root from 1MILLION faced Ocheon & Jin-woo from Mbitious in a duet battle.

On the broadcast, 1MILLION Yumeki raised the tension when he selected Mbitious as a weak crew to battle with. Mbitious’s Ocheon reacted, “Are you guys good enough to compete with us?”.

Ocheon continued, “The most powerful duet of Mbitious, Jinwoo and Ocheon, will beat 1MILLION”. In an interview with the production team, 1MILLION Yumeki said, “Based on our skills, we can’t win them. But we want to win with our sense”, showing his determination.

The two teams presented eye-catching choreographies then the judges (BoA, Eun-hyuk and Jang Woo-young) asked for a rematch because they found the battle hard to evaluate.

In the rematch, 1MILLION won 3:0 against Mbitious with an outstanding performance that went beyond everyone’s expectations. Eun-hyuk exclaimed, “Ocheon, I’m sorry. This time, my eyes were all on Yumeki. I can now understand what this guy can do”. BoA also praised 1MILLION Yumeki, saying “He presented lots of expressions because he has the flexibility that even many women don’t have”.

Expressing his feelings, Yumeki said, “I felt so good”. Eun-hyuk commented, “Yumeki is a hidden gem. We were very surprised.”

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