Jennie once again forgot the choreography: Fans say it’s cute while anti-fans criticize her

Many people said that Jennie is always unprofessional on stage.

At the concert held in Fort Worth (Texas, USA) on May 8 of Black Pink, Jennie caught attention when she forgot the choreography on the Solo stage. She burst into laughter and her fans screamed because of their idol’s cute expression. However, the video capturing this moment is still controversial on social media. Many people believe that Jennie is always lack of professionalism and that is what she has to improve.


Some commented: “I don’t understand why Jennie can forget the choreography of a song she performed many times”; “Jennie never focused on stage”; “She needs to be more enthusiastic. Her dance moves are superficial”; “If this is a big stage, it’ll be a huge embarrassment. Fortunately, this is Black Pink’s concert so the fans can understand”; “She has only one solo song, and Black Pink doesn’t have many songs either. Imagine if the had to work with the intensity like other groups, Jennie would be done.”

blackpink jennie
Jennie was awkward when she encountered a costume problem at the Chicago concert.

This is not the first time Jennie has been controversial for forgetting lyrics, choreography or lacking professionalism. Not long ago, at the Chicago concert, Jennie had a costume problem while performing the song Don’t Know What To Do. She expressed her embarrassment, stopped performing and stood still at the stage for a while. Finally, Jennie went backstage to fix the shirt, leaving the stage empty and confusing the audience.

Suddenly forgot the lyrics while rapping, Jennie sat down and laughed.

In 2018, Jennie also became the subject of criticism because of her superficial attitude on stage. The singer is said to be thinking too highly of herself while her skills have gone worse compared to her debut. Many videos show that Jennie often “does fewer dance moves”, performing choreography in a lazy attitude, or forgetting lyrics and rarely focusing to complete the performance.

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