Jennie on Shin Hyun Ji’s BLACKPINK cover, “Don’t tell people you learn it from me”

BLACKPINK member Jennie revealed a funny snippet of her relationship with close friend and top model Shin Hyun Ji.

On June 30th, BLACKPINK Jennie shared a video on her Instagram story, along with the caption, “Remember, I told you not to say that you learned it from me”. At the same time, the female idol also tagged Shin Hyun Ji and invited her to her house. 

The video shared by Jennie features Shin Hyun Ji, who is known as Jennie’s close friend, during her appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star”. In particular, on the June 28th episode of the show, Shin Hyun Jin attempted to cover the “Pink Venom” dance that she learned from Jennie, but her quirky and abrupt movements made everyone laugh.


In the video, Kim Gura also pointed out how strange Shin Hyun Ji’s “cover” was. 

It seems that Jennie is jokingly reprimanding Shin Hyun Ji for the awkward dance, to the point she “refuses” to be affiliated with. 

On the other hand, back on the 28th, Jennie and Shin Hyun Ji revealed that they went to a trip to Japan together, showing a close friendship. 

Currently, Jennie is in the middle of BLACKPINK’s World Tour, “BORN PINK”. 


Meanwhile, Shin Hyun Ji is not only ranked among the world’s Top 50 models, but also recognized as an industry icon. 

On MBC’s “Radio Star,” she surprised everyone by saying, “A variety show once revealed my salary to be 500 million won, but due to COVID-19, I couldn’t earn much. However, when I did earn a lot, it was about double that amount.”

Source: Nate

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