Korean netizens feel sorry for X1 after Wanna One is confirmed to reunite at MAMA 2021

After Mnet confirmed Wanna One’s reunion and performance at the upcoming MAMA 2021, Korean netizens have shared their mixed reactions.

Earlier on November 3, Wanna One was reportedly planning to reunite before the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021). A source revealed: ‘Every year the discussion for Wanna One’s reunion takes place before MAMA, but this year there are more positive signs.’ Later on the same day, CJ ENM confirmed that they were working hard to bring Wanna One back, including plans related to a performance at MAMA, a concert, and a new album.

On November 15, Mnet officially confirmed that Wanna One members will reunite and attend MAMA 2021 together as a group, along with the announcement that dancers from ‘Street Woman Fighter’ will also be present. Mnet’s notice is as follows:

Wanna One, the group that set numerous music records in Korea during their promotions and contributed to spreading K-pop around the world, and the crews of ‘Street Woman Fighter’, who play an important role with K-dance and have also significantly contributed to spreading K-pop all over the world, both confirmed to attend MAMA on December 11th. They will be preparing a special performance that will make fans excited.’

Wanna One MAMA 2021 netizens reaction

Wanna One is a famous project group that debuted from the survival show Produce 101 season 2 and disbanded in December 2018. Currently, the members all have their own activities such as returning to the original group (NU’EST’s Minhyun), debuting in a new group (AB6IX‘s Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin, CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung), and solo activities (Ha Sungwoon, Yoon Jisung, Kang Daniel, Ong Seungwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Park Jihoon and Lai Guanlin).

If this reunion is indeed happening, it will be Wanna One‘s first comeback together as a group after nearly three years since their last concert in January 2019. However, Wanna One reportedly will not be able to reunite on stage with the complete 11-member lineup since maknae Lai Guanlin is said to have schedules overseas and cannot attend.

Wanna One MAMA 2021 netizens reaction

Moreover, on the same day of November 15, as reported by Dispatch, Mnet has been making great efforts during the past 2 years for Wanna One‘s reunion. An official of Mnet shared, “We hope Wanna One will deliver a strong and energetic stage at MAMA 2021.”

Dispatch also disclosed that the original plan for this reunion also included an album and concert, but it was difficult to arrange the members’ schedules, so eventually, there would only be a performance at MAMA. Additionally, through Dispatch, Pledis also confirmed that Hwang Minhyun will be joining this reunion.

When rumors broke out regarding Wanna One‘s reunion at MAMA 2021, most fans expressed disbelief and discouragement because every year CJ ENM promised the same thing. However, this year, the reunion is finally confirmed, making Wannables (Wanna One’s fandom) emotional and excited. On the contrary, many Korean netizens are not pleased with this news for the following two reasons.

Wanna One is confirmed to have a reunion at MAMA 2021

First, although they adore the group, Korean netizens claim that CJ ENM is only taking advantage of Wanna One by forcing the members to reunite to gain money and attention. Some netizens also said that the members had no choice but to join because otherwise Mnet would “make it difficult” for their careers later.

Second, many fans express their sympathy towards X1, another boy group coming from the Produce series that used to be heavily criticized and boycotted by the Korean public. Accordingly, many Korean netizens say that CJ ENM and Mnet are being unfairly biased towards Wanna One. Because both Wanna One and X1 are involved in vote manipulation scandals, but while Wanna One can still have a reunion, X1 was forced to disband shortly after debut, causing the members to face difficulties in their future careers. 

Many netizens feel sorry for X1 because they had to disband, while Wanna One was welcomed to reunite

Some comments of Korean netizens:

  • Only X1 is pitiful…
  • I want to see Wanna One again, but I feel like CJ forced them to attend MAMA…
  • Mnet really has no conscience, they’re just taking advantage of Wanna One.
  • Great, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
  • The fans don’t want this and the public doesn’t support this either, why do they insist on doing it?
  • I guess if the members don’t want to attend, Mnet will force them.
  • I’m a Wannable but does Mnet have no shame? PD Ahn Joon Young is still in prison, right?
  • What? The members are all doing well on their own, leave them alone.
  • Just one stage is enough, I really want to see Wanna One again.
  • Wanna One’s reunion? Mnet is out of their mind.
  • Who will participate? I don’t think Lai Guanlin will attend.
  • I feel so sorry for X1…
  • But Wanna One’s lineup was also manipulated, right?!
  • Isn’t Wanna One’s lineup rigged like X1? Why are they treated so differently?!
  • If Wanna One can reunite, why did X1 have to disband?!!!
Wanna One MAMA 2021 netizens reaction

Are you looking forward to Wanna One’s reunion at MAMA 2021?

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