Japanese brand Kikkoman “punished” itself by writing BTS Jungkook’s name 

Kikkoman, a Japanese brand famous for its soy sauce, wrote BTS Jungkook’s name multiple times as “punishment” for a mistake. 

On a recent livestream via the fan platform Weverse, BTS member Jungkook showed fans how he prepared a dish. While cooking, Jungkook used a bottle of soy sauce from the Japanese brand, Kikkoman, and went viral. 


In particular, a video of the male idol examining the Kikkoman bottle and exclaiming, “Oh, the expiration date coincides with my birthday. It will be good until September 1st. Nice!”, has gained massive attention on various social media platforms, drawing attention to Kikkoman. 


As a result, Kikkoman published a thank you post for Jungkook on its official SNS, but mistakenly wrote “jungkok” instead of “jungkook” in the hashtags. 

Immediately after, the brand recognized the error and “punished” itself by copying Jungkook’s name multiple times on paper and publishing the “punishment”. Kikkoman’s sincere apology and hilarious actions evoked a lot of laughter from fans as well as other netizens. 

Source: LSB  

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