IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin Falls Victim to Malicious Image Editing by Anti-Fans

Recently, IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin was subjected to an “image editing attack” by anti-fans, causing distress to the fans.

Although it is an entertainer’s wish to be loved by everyone online, unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially for those who are popular and have a high profile. Anti-fans tend to emerge more frequently in such cases.


Anti-fans are known for their persistence in finding and exploiting any flaw in the celebrities they dislike, even resorting to malicious image editing, which is becoming increasingly alarming.

Recently, a post titled “These images of Ahn Yu Jin are giving me chills” was uploaded to an online community.

The post includes a photo that Ahn Yu Jin uploaded herself on her Instagram last February, in which she had a long fringe and showed off her chic, innocent charm.

IVE Ahn Yujin stage

However, anti-fans then subtly edited the photo to distort her facial features, such as her eyebrows, nose, lips, and even her face shape.

What’s particularly concerning is how skillfully they edited the photo, making it difficult to tell the difference from the original.

These anti-fans are shamelessly spreading the edited photo across various online communities and making derogatory comments about Ahn Yu Jin’s appearance.

It’s not just Ahn Yu Jin who’s been targeted, as other IVE members, such as Liz and Jang Won Young, have also been subjected to such malicious image editing on their body shapes.

ive wonyoung

Netizens expressed their frustration and reacted with comments such as “Why do they live like this?“, “Even though the photos were messed up, the girls still look pretty“, “There are many people who post strange photos on DC galleries.”

Source: insight. 

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