Onew (SHINee) has gotten a lot of praise for his gentle action towards Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Many fans also quickly shipped the Onew – Rosé couple because their interaction was so cute

Recently, vocal couple Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Onew (SHINee) on the show “The Sea Of Hope” are attracting great attention from the public. Every moment of the two becomes the talk of the town. Most recently, a very subtle act of SHINee’s leader towards the BLACKPINK member has made netizens extremely excited.

When the program members sat together to have a meal, netizens noticed that Onew sat eating in a rather rigid and uncomfortable position. Even Rosé noticed it and asked the male idol about it. But it turned out to be Onew’s gentle act for Rosé. After realizing that “Australian rose” is left-handed, Onew changed her sitting position to make it easier for the female idol to dine. SHINee’s leader doesn’t want Rosé to feel awkward or uncomfortable if their elbows accidentally bump into each other while eating.

Thanks to Onew’s super sweet action, Rosé can eat comfortably. Knets also praised the male idol’s thoughtful gesture with a “downpour” of compliments.
Rosé and Onew often have sweet interaction


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