Han So-hee reveals a photo of her hugging a person and says “She’s mine”

Actress Han So-hee has an acquaintance for whom she openly expressed her affection.

Han So Hee

Han So-hee posted a photo on her Instagram on December 11th.

In the released picture, the actress hugged someone and smiled happily while lying on the floor.

Han So-hee was hugging tightly is PD Kim Hee-won

The person Han So-hee was hugging tightly is PD Kim Hee-won. She was in charge of directing tvN’s drama “The Crowned Clown” and “Vincenzo”.

Showing her closeness with PD Kim Hee-won, Han So-hee said, “Director Heewon is mine”, expressing their friendship to the fullest.

Han So-hee

Han So-hee recently confirmed her appearance in the romance series “Soundtrack #1” directed by PD Kim. This drama tells about a man and a woman, who have been best friends for 20 years, living in one house for 2 weeks and dealing with various things that occur.

Han So-hee


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