Kim Sae-ron gave up on her neighbor who played the piano until dawn: “Their skill is getting better”

Kim Sae-ron seemed to have given up on the noise coming from her neighbor.  

Kim Sae-ron

Actor Kim Sae-ron had spent some time answering her fans’ questions and communicating through her Instagram story on Dec 12th. 

Kim Sae-ron instagram

When a fan asked about today’s TMI, she said, “A child living in the same building as me plays the piano for about 20 hours, but it was a little hard for me at dawn. The kid is getting better. They even played the carols today, and it was really good. I’m proud,” she replied. 

Kim Sae-ron

She added as if she had given up, saying that the neighbor’s piano skills seem to be improving even though she had a hard time due to the noise. 

Meanwhile, Kim Sae-ron recently confirmed her appearance in the Netflix series “Hunting Dogs”. In addition, she also appeared in the “Drama Special 2021 – Them”, which aired on Dec 3rd.


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