j-hope suddenly spoiled an unseen choreography, is BTS preparing for a comeback?

Unexpectedly dancing to a brand new choreography, did j-hope spoil that BTS is having a comeback soon?

On August 31, Jungkook had a livestream with fans. Surprisingly, at exactly 12 o’clock at night on September 1, j-hope entered Jungkook’s room, and sang happy birthday to his younger brother. The moment j-hope walked in and sang happy birthday to the BTS maknae has warmed fans’ hearts because of the adorable relationship between BTS members.

In the livestream, netizens also noticed the moment when j-hope was dancing to a suspicious choreography. Fans were confused because this dance has never appeared in any of the group’s songs. Many are speculating that BTS is about to release a new song.


Jungkook was even trying to stop j-hope, after noticing that j-hope was spoiling the group’s “secret” choreography. Seeing the suspicious actions of the two BTS members, ARMYs begin to doubt that the group is preparing for a comeback. Fans hope that what j-hope accidentally revealed is the choreography of BTS’s new song.


Netizens have left comments expressing excitement:

  • King of spoilers.
  • I was surprised when he started dancing.
  • Was that a comeback spoiler? 
  • J-hope looks even more excited than fans.
  • We’re getting an album.
  • Look at the way J-Hope laughed after he did the spoiler.
  • They’re coming back soon.
  • j-hope is so cute!
  • He already did the dance, fans should start preparing money.
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