IVE’s 1st debut anniversary interview: “Thank you DIVE, we will repay you with better music”

After making a splendid debut in the music industry with “ELEVEN” on December 1st last year, IVE have made 2022 their year despite being a first-year rookie.

Less than a year after their debut, IVE is the group with the most wins on TV music broadcasts in 2022 with 37 wins. Not stopping at that, they won 5 “Rookie of the Year” awards and 2 Daesang at MMA 2022 and 2022 MAMA Awards.

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IVE‘s influence soon grows into a syndrome. With just two singles, IVE surpassed the 1 million sales record in six months, the fastest girl group in history to do so.

IVE also set remarkable records on major digital music charts. IVE achieved their first No. 1 on the Melon daily chart with “Love Dive,” and has since topped the daily charts on all music sites. “Eleven” and “Love Dive” also remained at the top of the list side by side, establishing themselves as a trustworthy “digital monster”. In addition, the music video views of IVE’s three title songs are all boasting more than 100 million views each.

To celebrate their 1st debut anniversary, IVE sat down for a Q&A interview corner.

Q. In 2022, you guys have shown good performance as the group IVE, but it is also a year the members got the chance to show off their individual charms, such as entertainment programs and MCs. How do you feel about this?

An Yu Jin: First of all, for me, it was a very happy and meaningful year to be able to meet viewers through tvN’s entertainment show “Earth Arcade”. The fact that I was able to show myself in an entertainment program like that, and the fun games that I played are all kept in my heart as good memories. I really like the nickname, “The Crazy One With Innocent Eyes.” I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the production crew and the viewers who have loved and supported me. And at the end of this year, through SBS’s Gayo Daejeon, I will be able to show you guys MC An Yu Jin for the first time in a while. If we have a chance, we would like to show our fans a different charm from the stage through more entertainment programs and hosting positions.

Jang Won Young: It’s already been over a year since I became the bank president of KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”. I am always excited to meet the artists and fans who love K-pop every week, and it is a time when I can learn a lot. It is my honor to be able to perform as an MC at the 2022 KBS Year-end Festival, as well as the 2022 AAA. I will work hard to finish the year 2022 beautifully.

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Q. What does 2022 mean to IVE? Please express what you want to say in 5 words.

An Yu Jin: I’ll go with “The best year”.

Ga Eul: I’ll say “Thank you so much” with full of love for our DIVEs!

Rei: I’ll say “Together next year as well”. I’ll be grateful if you continue to love us in 2023.

Jang Won Young: I’ll go with “Always like the first time” in the sense that I’ll always show you good sides without forgetting where I started!

Liz: I’ll say “See you soon”. I want to quickly meet DIVEs at concerts or fan meetings!

Leeseo: Just as we were happy in 2022 thanks to DIVEs, I’ll say “Happy New Year”. DIVEs, I hope that you’ll always be happy next year!

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Q. Last but not least, a word to DIVEs who gave a lot of support and love to IVE for the past year.

An Yu Jin: Thank you so much for always supporting us. Time and seasons pass and change, but if there’s anything that doesn’t change in between, I think it’s IVE and DIVEs’ love and care for each other. We’ll become great artists who can repay DIVEs with better music as much as the love you gave us. Thank you.

Ga Eul: Debuting as IVE and being able to be with DIVEs is a great fortune in my life. I’m always sincerely grateful for your love and interest. We’ll become an IVE who can make you proud of being DIVEs. Thank you!

Rei: I’ve been really surprised over the past year that there are so many people who love us. I’ll always work hard to repay your support and love. IVE and Rei will always show you great sides. Take care of your health in the cold weather and always be happy! Thank you.

Jang Won Young: To our DIVEs who made this year an unforgettable year, thank you so much. From “Eleven” to “After Like”, we met you through 3 singles. We promise to show you a great image that only IVE can show you with good music and performances. See you more often in the future! I love you.

Liz: It’s been a year since our debut. DIVEs have always been with us on the path we’ve been following. I believe it’ll continue to be like that in the future. That’s why we want to continue moving forward with confidence without getting tired. I hope you finish the year 2022 well, and let’s meet often in 2023 with better looks.

Leeseo: It’s already been a year since we’ve been together, and thanks to DIVEs, I’m truly grateful for having many precious and happy experiences. Let’s stay together forever! I hope you wrap up 2022 well, and I wish you all the best in the new year.

Source: iMBC Entertainment

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