IU Had Sent Park Myung-soo Honey For Chuseok For 7 Years, But This Year Is Different 

Beautiful stories about IU are endless

In one episode of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo‘s Radio Show’, which aired on September 15th, Park Myung-soo shared, “I recently called IU out of the blue and she answered. I told her not to send a gift for Chuseok, but she said she’s going to.” He praised her personality, saying, “She’s really nice.” In particular, Park Myung-soo mentioned IU’s gift of honey last year. He said, “IU sent me honey this year for Chuseok. It has been going on for seven years. (Gift giving) usually stops out after a year or two, but IU has been doing this for seven years. Thank you for taking care of me constantly.”

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Park Myung-soo jokingly said, “U-ya. I have a lot of honey in my house already. Send me some kind of meat,” he added. As if she had heard this story, IU sent the comedian pork-ribs as a Chuseok gift this year. Park Myung-soo shared, “My beloved junior IU sent me beef ribs as a Chuseok gift again this year. What should I do?”

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IU has given gifts to many acquaintances. In particular, the singer recently appeared at the exhibition “Moment” marking the 15th anniversary of her debut, wearing a doll mask, taking pictures for fans, and giving her card to fans to help them buy her goods. In addition, it was reported that she spent time naturally communicating with fans, such as delivering gifts to the fans, which warmed the public’s heart.

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