The most prominent 2004-born Kpop female idols of already debuted or about-to-debut girl groups

The 04-line female idols are always expected to inherit the visuals of the 94-line and 99-line seniors.

Since the first groups of 4th generation idols in succession were born, many fans have paid special attention to the female idols born in 2004. In the past time, with the rapid debut of many other new-generation girl groups, many female idols born in 2004 have debuted and are about to debut. In particular, many of the 04-line members of the current 4th generation girl groups have made the audience admire because of their outstanding beauty.

Let’s take a look at the 4-line lineup of the most prominent girl groups among the rookies who have debuted or are preparing to debut in the near future!

Weeekly (debut 2020)

Jaehee – March 18, 2004

Jihan – July 12, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

STAYC (debut 2020)

Yoon – April 14, 2004

J – December 9, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

LIGHTSUM (debut 2021)

Juhyeon – April 8, 2004

Yujeong – June 14, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

I’VE (debut 2021)

Rei – February 3, 2004

Jang Wonyoung – August 31, 2004

Liz – November 21, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

Kep1er (scheduled to debut in 2021)

Ezaki Hikaru – March 12, 2004

Huening Bahiyyih – July 27, 2004

Seo Youngeun – December 27, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

JYPn (temporary name, scheduled to debut in 2022)

Sullyoon – January 26, 2004

Jinni – April 16, 2004

BAE – December 28, 2004

2004-born K-pop idols

Among the idols listed above, some faces such as Rei and Liz (I’VE) or Sullyoon, Jinni and BAE (JYPn) still have no official activities but have only been announced by the management company with images and information. Therefore, fans, as well as netizens, are eagerly waiting for their official debut date to know the skills and charm of these girls when standing on big stages.

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