“IU Concert: The Golden Hour” Surpasses 70,000 Viewers

The movie ‘IU Concert: The Golden Hour,’ which captures the live concert performance, has surpassed 70,000 viewers

According to the film admission ticket integrated network calculations by the Korea Film Council on the 27th, ‘IU Concert: The Golden Hour’ (provided by EDAM ENTERTAINMENT, distributed by CJ CGV, produced by EDAM ENTERTAINMENT) achieved 70,000 viewers as of 12 PM on this day. It has captivated both IU’s official fan club ‘Uaena’ and the general audience.


‘IU Concert: The Golden Hour’ is a live concert film that commemorates artist IU’s 15th debut anniversary and is being released in theaters for the first time. It brings the ‘Golden Hour,’ which filled the Olympic Main Stadium with beautiful songs and fantastic stage performances that mesmerized both the eyes and ears, to the screen.

Audiences have praised it, saying, “When I actually went to see it, there were hardly any songs I didn’t know. It was beautiful and enchanting. It was a good decision to shout encore even though it’s a concert film” (Er, CGV), “It was my first time watching a concert in a movie theater, and even though I’m not a Uaena, I really enjoyed it” (luky427, CGV), “I think I became a bigger fan after watching this” (ch2dj CGV), and more. They also praised it with reviews like, “It was so good that I watched it twice” (Kim, CGV), “It’s worth the money, and you won’t get tired of watching it two or three times. I guarantee it” (gh**122 CGV), and more, emphasizing that it’s enjoyable for multiple viewings.

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