BLACKPINK’s Jisoo “I think I’m a cat”.. Heart-thumping cuteness

Blackpink’s Jisoo showed off her cute charm.

On the 13th, a video of Jisoo participating in the balance game was uploaded on the magazine Marie Claire Korea YouTube channel.

When asked “What do you believe more? MBTI VS blood type“, Jisoo replied: “MBTI “.

blackpink jisoo

Then, when the question “Dog VS Rabbit” came up, Jisoo laughed, saying, “I think I’m a cat these days.” Then, Jisoo cutely transformed into a cat, causing viewers’ hearts to flutter.

When asked, “Cup ramen vs. boiled ramen.” Jisoo agonized, “It’s too hard.” In the end, Jisoo said, “Boiled ramen.”

blackpink jisoo

Jisoo had a hard time choosing when the question “How You Like That” VS “Lovesick Girls” came out.

Then, Jisoo said, “We’re on tour these days, and the first one was ‘How You Like That’, and I do it while feeling really cool. So I’ll choose ‘How You Like That’.”

blackpink jisoo

In addition, Jisoo answered the question “straight vs. wavy”, “I prefer straight hair because I have curly hair, but fans like my wavy hair more. So these days, I do a lot of wavy hair.”

Source: naver

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