Moon Ga Young grows from a “romcom queen” to a “melodrama queen” through “The Interest of Love”

Actress Moon Ga Young successfully challenged the melo genre through JTBC’s Wed-Thu series “The Interest of Love”.

The Interest of Love” is a melodrama about young adults with different interests meeting and understanding the meaning of love. Moon Ga Young appears in this work as Ahn Soo Young, a fourth-year head teller at KCU Bank’s Yeongpo branch.

The Interest of Love

Ahn Soo Young is different from all the characters that Moon Ga Young has played before. If the viewers were impressed by her lovely and bright appearances in “Find Me in Your Memory” and “True Beauty”, it is difficult to see her smile in “The Interest of Love”. She looks more gloomy with fewer lines and expressions.

Before the drama broadcast, many people questioned whether Moon Ga Young could show anything besides her loveliness, however, the result was beyond expectations. Moon Ga Young, who had very few opportunities to showcase her acting skills because her characters in previous romantic comedies were quite unrealistic, succeeded in portraying the fluctuating emotions of Ahn So Young only with her eyes.

Moon Ga-young

Although Ahn So Young pushes Ha Sang Soo (Yoo Yeon Seok) away despite having feelings for him because of their differences in environments, she is comforted by her relationship with Jung Jong Hyun (Jung Ga Ram), who is in the same circumstance. It was Moon Ga Young’s powerful acting that added persuasion to the expression of the complicated and subtle situation in which she still has feelings for Ha Sang Soo.

Above all, the actress increased viewers’ immersion by calmly capturing the image of a woman who is tired of all the hardships in her life, including wounds caused by her brother’s death, discord with her father, pitiful heart for her mother, and despair over the inequality structure at work.

Moon Ga-young

With the cast’s passionate acting and well-developed storyline, the rating performance of “The Interest of Love” is actually quite disappointing. In fact, it is airing at a late time of 10:30 p.m. on weekdays and at the same time as “Mr. Trot 2” with 20% viewer rating. However, the drama is gaining attention through word of mouth, receiving favorable reviews from solid fans and seeing a rise in rating from 1% to 3%.

Moon Ga Young, who succeeded in expanding her acting spectrum through “The Interest of Love”, has firmly established herself as a representative among actresses in their 20s. Expectations are high for Moon Ga Young’s portrayal of Ahn Soo Young in the next episodes as  “The Interest of Love” has just reached its turning point.

Source: Naver

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