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ITZY Chaeryeong’s secret to avoiding the “Asian flush” even after drinking alcohol

ITZY Chaeryeong’s neck and ears turned red after drinking, but the color of her face did not change at all, surprising everyone.

ITZY Chaeryeong showed off her idol makeup that saves her face from the Asian flush even when she drinks.

On July 29th, behind-the-scenes from the 1st to 5th episodes of the web entertainment show “Although there is nothing much prepared,” hosted by rapper Lee Young-ji, were released on the YouTube channel with the same name.

While various behind-the-scenes scenes make the audience laugh, a scene from the episode in which Chaeryeong appeared as a guest caught the attention.

On this day, Lee Young-ji told Chaeryeong, “After dancing, your neck and ears are slightly red now. Didn’t you put foundation on your ears?” she asked, referring to Chaeryeong’s red ears.

ITZY Chaeryeong

While recording the drinking talk show, Chaeryeong even danced with Lee Young-ji for their TikTok Challenge, raising the heat to the fullest.

The production crew were all surprised to see Chaeryeong’s red ears. What was more surprising was Chaeryeong’s fair skin, unlike her red ears.

Even though Chaeryeong’s face was heated to the point that her ears were red, her face color did not change at all and she still showed off her fair skin.

Lee Young-ji said, “Your makeup foundation is done really well. How many layers did you do?” she said in admiration and showed interest in Chaeryeong’s makeup.

ITZY Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong said, “I piled up about three layers of foundation today,” shyly sharing her special makeup secret that does not collapse despite the heat.

Lee Young-ji said, “It’s very effective. Only your ears are red,” she said, surprised by Chaeryeong’s red ears.

Netizens also showed interest in Chaeryeong’s idol makeup, saying, “Do stacking multiple layers of foundation really give you that perfect coverage?

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