“It’s true that I am not in a good mood…” What BTS RM said after missing the chance to get their first Grammy 

BTS leader RM expressed his feelings after returning with no Grammy.

BTSGrammy 2022

The 64th Grammy Awards was held in Las Vegas on April 4th (Korea Standard Time).

Following last year, BTS failed to win the award this year as well in the nominated “Best Pop Duo/Performance” category.

However, BTS, who came down from the stage after doing their best, have had time to communicate with their fans on V LIVE right after the Grammy Awards.

BTS RMGrammy 2022

RM honestly confessed his feelings after failing to take their first Grammy award, saying, “Honestly, it’s true that I’m in a bad mood.”

He then showed a firm posture, saying, “I’m sad today but I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

RM also expressed his ambition, saying, “I will relieve my upset feelings as much as I want and start again tomorrow.”

Other members nodded and agreed with his positive opinion.

BTSGrammy 2022

The members expressed their regret, saying that it was not easy to prepare for the performance due to the health problem of members such as Jungkook and J-Hope and the finger injury of the eldest member Jin.

In particular, BTS revealed that the “Butter” stage, which became a hot topic after receiving a standing ovation at the awards ceremony, was rehearsed and matched as a whole team just one day before the ceremony.

Meanwhile, popular pop singers Doja Cat and SZA won the Best Pop Duo/Performance category, which BTS failed to win.

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