It turns out “Reborn Rich” actress Park Ji Hyun played a main character in “this” hit movie 

A T.M.I about actress Park Ji Hyun, who stars in the ongoing drama “Reborn Rich”, is arousing keen interest. 

In the 7th episode of JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun series “Reborn Rich” that aired on December 3rd, a war of nerves between Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) and Sunyang Group over the Seoul Town Landmark DMC business right. 

park ji hyun

In the broadcast, Jin Do Joon tried to move a game channel into DMC, knowing that e-sports would become popular in the future. Knowing this plan, Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun), the eldest daughter of Hyunsung Ilbo’s owner, approached Jin Do Joon and offered to help him move the game channel and his headquarters into DMC.  However, Jin Do Joon refused the offer, saying he did not want to follow the order of anyone. Later, Mo Hyun Min promised to marry Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam hee), the eldest grandson of Sunyang Group.

park ji hyun

After the broadcast, an article containing information about Park Ji Hyun’s filmography was posted on online communities, such as FM Korea, on December 4th.

The post’s author revealed that Park Ji Hyun appeared in the famous horror movie “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” before she gained attention through “Reborn Rich”. 

park ji hyun

“Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” is a movie released in 2018. The drama depicts the exploration of the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital by a crew of 7 young people from the first-person perspective. According to the Korean Film Council, the movie attracted 2.7 million viewers at that time, ranking 2nd among Korean horror films. 

Park Ji-hyun

Park Ji Hyun made her face known by playing one of the main characters Ji Hyun, the eldest girl in the team. In particular, the character Ji Hyun, who was possessed by a ghost, left a strong impression on viewers and even made hot topics after the movie premiered.

Park Ji-hyun

In response to Park Ji Hyun’s unexpected TMI, netizens commented, “Wow, I was really surprised”, “The ghost looks pretty now”, “She has a really attractive face”, etc.

Born in 1994, Park Ji Hyun made her debut in the 2014 short film “The Truth”. Since then, she has been building her filmography step by step by appearing in various dramas, such as “Your Honor”, “Do You Like Brahms?”, “Yumi’s Cells”, and “Love All Play”.

Source: wikitree

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