“I’m not scared,” Red Velvet Wendy’s dangerous selfie gave fans’ a “heart attack”

Red Velvet Wendy surprised fans with her “dangerous” selfies.

Wendy posted several photos on her Instagram on May 10th with the caption, “I’m Son Seung-wan, I’m not scared.”


In the photos, Wendy sits on the railing on the rooftop of a building in various positions and smiles brightly. She shows off her tomboy-like charm with a cute hippie perm, vintage glasses, and a deep-cut colorful jacket.


However, Wendy’s position is high enough to see the skyscrapers behind her. Also, fans are dizzy because Wendy climbed on the railing which is high enough to reach her chest.

Fans who cared about Wendy were worried as they wrote comments such as, “This looks too dangerous, come down quickly ㅠㅠ,” “Don’t climb up there,” “Be careful Son Seung-wan,” “Please be at least a bit scared,” and “The security guard will scold you.”


Wendy is currently the host of SBS Power FM’s “Wendy’s Young Street.”


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