ILLIT Achieves 1st “All-Kill” Record, But Still Criticized for “This Reason” 

While “Magnetic” - the debut song of ILLIT, continues to achieve new milestones, the girl group itself is facing criticism for one reason.

At 2 AM (KST) on April 10, “Magnetic” – the debut song of HYBE’s latest girl group ILLIT set a new record. Particular, “Magnetic” placed 1st on all 4 major Korean digital music charts including MelOn, Bugs, Genie, and Flo, officially achieving the girl group’s 1st Realtime All-Kill. 

This tremendous achievement helped ILLIT join the ranks of the new generation of “digital monsters”, while “Magnetic” is predicted to grow even further and soon achieve a Perfect All-Kill.

“Magnetic” – ILLIT’s debut song has officially achieved its first All-Kill

Additionally, “Magnetic” has landed at #102 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Previously, the group was predicted to enter the Hot 100 this week at #99. However, due to many USUK artists launching new releases, ILLIT still hasn’t succeeded in making the list. 

Nevertheless, the girl group’s near entry into the top 100 of the most stringent music charts in the US is a rare record for a rookie within two weeks since the release of their debut song.

“Magnetic” also landed at #102 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart

Recently, ILLIT also won their second music show cup for “Magnetic”. As usual, the group delivered an encore performance to thank fans. After the first “encore controversy” where member Moka sang with a shaky voice, however, the second encore stage wasn’t much better, and netizens again expressed dismay when ILLIT revealed noticeable vocal weaknesses. 

The most stable member, Minju, is said to have “carried” the encore performance for the group. Meanwhile, the two Japanese members, Moka and Iroha, are still criticized for their poor live-singing. On Korean forums, ILLIT’s encore continues to come under fire among netizens.

With their impressive music achievements, ILLIT shows remarkable prowess even though they have just started activities. However, the girl group’s skills still need further improvement – as their live-singing skill is the only missing element amid great music, refreshing visuals, and a viral choreography. 

Source: K14

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