Kim Hee Chul went on live to directly explain his controversial comment about abandoned dogs on “Petkage”

During the live broadcast, Kim Hee Chul said, “If you want to raise an abandoned dog, you should not bring them home just because you like them. You should come to meet the dog several times and check if you can feel your connection with the dog’s heart. If you can’t understand him, both the dog and the owner may have difficult times living together. If you want to raise a pet or plant, you have to learn how to do it first.”


He explained in more detail, “Not all of us are experts in dog raising. Since the abandoned dogs were dismissed before, it’s not easy for first-time dog owners to raise them. Maybe it’s true that we love them, but our love alone couldn’t solve the problems. Dogs are really smart, and their trauma of being abandoned won’t go away easily. Abandoned dogs tend to be afraid of people, and if the new owners don’t have enough knowledge, they may accidentally hurt the dogs again.”

Hee Chul expressed his displeasure with the controversy: “On the show, I said I really admired Kyung Tae’s father, but I don’t understand why people misinterpreted my words.”

Moreover, he explained it was the production team ofPetkage who published the first article and then deleted it after the controversy broke out. However, many people still spread their misunderstandings, so he decided to go on this live broadcast to give his explanation.

In particular, Kim Hee Chul has a channel called ‘I’m Kim Hee Chul’ on the Internet broadcasting platform Twitch.

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