Lee Mi-joo boasts a waist tinier than the smallest size, catches attention with bra top fashion 

Former Lovelyz member Lee Mi-joo unveils a fashion style that highlights her slim body. 

On August 10th, Lee Mi-joo posted several photos on her Instagram. In the published pictures, Mi-joo was dressed in a brue bra-like top and high-waisted jeans, which greatly highlighted her small waist. 

In addition, Mi-joo also drew attention for her apparent collarbone and somewhat exposed ribs. Her fashion sense and appearance is so impressive, many people from the MZ generation couldn’t help but feel envious of her.

Looking at Mi-joo’s latest update, netizens showed various reactions such as: “You are really skinny”, “I don’t want to be an idol, so I don’t think I’m going to go on a diet that hard, is it necessary?”, “Yoo Jae-suk will hate this outfit”, and “When is Sixth Sense 4 coming out”.

After the disband of her group Lovelyz, Lee Mi-joo signed a contract with her current agency, Antenna. Ever since, she has been active in various entertainment activities.

Source: naver

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