Kim Ji Won vs. Ma Dong Seok: Son Seok Koo’s pick of his best on-screen partner is? 

Let’s find out who Son Seok Koo chose as the best partner in his two latest works, “My Liberation Notes” and “The Roundup”. 

On August 1st, on the YouTube channel “Marie Claire Korea”, an interview video with Son Seok Koo titled “Best Couple according to Son Seok Koo? ‘My Liberation Notes’ Kim Ji Won vs ‘The Roundup’ Ma Dong Seok” was posted. 

When asked to choose his best couple between Yeom Mi Jung (Kim Ji Won) in the drama “My Liberation Notes” and Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) in the movie “The Roundup”, Son Seok Koo immediately answered Yeom Mi Jung without hesitation.

Son Seok Koo then smiled shyly and expressed his special affection for the “Worship Couple” Yeom Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu in the drama, saying that the most recent comment he saw was “I can’t let go of My Liberation Notes.”

Regarding his first impression of Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Koo said, “At first, she looked like a baby. And now, she’s a charismatic female figure. She’s very artistic.”

Son Seok Koo was then given a mission to do a couple cheek heart with Kim Ji Won. However, he misunderstood the mission as doing the cheek heart alone, making the production team of Marie Claire laugh. 

Previously, on July 29th, an interview video with Kim Ji Won titled “How does Kim Ji Won save Son Seok Koo’s number on her phone?”, was posted on the same channel. 

Kim Ji Won revealed she simply saved Son Seok Koo on her phone as “Senior Son Seok Koo”. Regarding her first impression of Son Seok Koo, Kim Ji Won said, “At first, I thought he would be a little bit scary. I guessed he’d be similar to a character he played in a previous drama. Now that I’ve spent some time with him, I think he’s more caring and careful than I thought. And he’s full of charms.

Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won received a lot of love as the “Worship Couple” in “My Liberation Notes”. In the drama, Son Seok Koo plays Mr. Gu, a mysterious stranger, and Kim Ji Won plays Yeom Mi Jung, an office worker who desperately wants to be liberated from her repetitive life. The nickname “Worship Couple” comes from the popular line “Worship me” that Yeom Mi Jung says to Mr. Gu while drinking alcohol. 

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