JMS Victim Maple Reveals Difficulties in Finding a Job after Coming Forward with Sexual Violence Allegations

Maple, a victim of cult leader Jung Myung Seok’s sexual violence, discusses her struggles with finding employment after Netflix’s “In the Name of God” was released. 

On April 18th, MBC’s “PD Note” aired an update on Maple, who previously appeared as a victim in Netflix’s docuseries “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”. 

Through the program, Maple revealed her face and came forward with sexual violence allegations against cult leader Jung Myung Seok (JMS).


On “PD Note”, Maple talked about her current situation after appearing on “In the Name of God”, saying, “Actually, only about 10% of what happened was shown on the program. Still, my mother cried and said she couldn’t watch it. My father apologized to me after watching it. He said he didn’t know his daughter was going through so much.

Maple also mentioned that she was worried when the news about JMS broke in Hong Kong. She said, “People told me that I did well and that I saved many people, but on the other hand, it has become harder for me to find a job. Some of the people who promised to hire me said they couldn’t hire me now because of the situation or because they saw me on Netflix.

Nevertheless, Maple emphasized, “If I didn’t reveal my face, they could say that I was lying or that someone made me say those things. I wanted to let people know how true what I said was and to prevent any more victims from appearing. The last thing I have to do before I die is to sue that person and reveal the truth.

Source: Nate

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