Park Seo Joon left almost all the rice during a katsu eating show in Japan…”Normally, I don’t eat rice so much”

Actor Park Seo Joon delivered his recent situation in Japan.

On Feb 6th, a video titled “[Track 49] Park Seo Joon in Japan” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Record PARK’s”.

Park Seo Joon, who visited Japan for a schedule, went to a convenience store after eating ramen. Park Seo Joon smiled at the convenience store’s food, “Don’t they look so delicious?” However, he came out empty-handed.

Next, Park Seo Joon headed to his favorite katsu restaurant in Tokyo. Park Seo Joon accepted the script before the food was served. Then, when he saw the calligraphy written in the script, he boasted, “I am a good calligrapher. I studied calligraphy in my student years.”

park seo joon tokyo

The ordered katsu table d’hôte and cheese katsu were served. Park Seo Joon started a katsu eating show, “Batter looks so bright.”

Park Seo Joon emptied all the katsu, but left almost all the rice. He attracted attention by saying, “I’m done. Why do I have leftovers? Normally, I don’t eat rice so much. But, I really enjoyed the food!”

Source: nate

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