“If I Go Just Once” EXO Suho “The members will be sad when seeing me get along so well with my friends”

Real friends who appear together in “If I Go Just Once” conducted Q&A ahead of the show’s airing.

SBS’ new entertainment show “If I Go Just Once” is a reality travel program where the cast can experience everything about an unknown destination that is not well known to many people. Actors Lee Kyu-hyung, Lee Sang-yi, Lee Yoo-young, Lim Ji-yeon, EXO Suho and Cha Seo-won, who are “real friends” in the entertainment industry, went on a trip together.

if i go just once

SBS’ new reality travel program”If I Go Just Once” will premiere at 9 PM on Thursday, Oct 27th.

The following is Lee Sang-yi and EXO Suho’s Q&A.

Q. It seems that this trip has a meaning for each of you.

– Lee Sang-yi: The title of our program explains it well. If you become “real friends” from normal friends, and go on a trip with such friends once, “Australia” is the best travel destination.

– Suho: Perhaps it’s a comfort that I’ve never shown to my fans. So I think my fans might be surprised. (Laugh)

Q. It’s been a long time since you appeared on a variety show alone without EXO members.

– Suho: Travel show with the members was fun, but traveling with colleagues who experienced college life with me felt different. I’m worried that the members and fans will be sad when seeing me get along so well with my friends. (Laugh)

Q. What is the most memorable activity or experience?

– Lee Sang-yi: Skydiving. It was such a tremendous and great experience that all of the flowery words weren’t enough. I personally felt the word “shook”. I felt it for the first time in my life. I really want to recommend it.

– Suho: It was amazing and impressive to swim with turtles. It may not be a big deal for scuba divers, but I liked it because it felt like turtles were taking me on a sea tour.

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