K-pop idols who are successful fans: Ryujin scouted at GOT7’s concert, aespa performs with SNSD, and more

Ryujin (ITZY), aespa,… are the most successful Kpop fans since they had the opportunity to become artists in the same company as their idols.

Many Kpop idols are “die-hard fans” of their senior artists. They have always utilized their idols to motivate them to achieve their goals. Fortunately, they too made their debuts and became artists in the same company as their idols.

Ryujin (ITZY) was selected while attending GOT7’s fan meeting, becoming a “junior” in the same company as her idols

Ryujin has long been regarded as one of the most lucky and successful fangirls. The ITZY member has long been known to be a hardcore fan of GOT7.

Ryujin, like many other fans, has always followed and supported her idol in all activities. The female singer was fortunate to have the opportunity to become an artist in the same company as her idol.

Ryujin’s casting into JYP Entertainment was also related to GOT7. She was cast specifically when she was at a GOT7 fan meeting at the time.

According to Ryujin, a JYP employee found her in the bathroom and asked for her phone number. Because she knew she would have the opportunity to be in the same company as her idols, the female idol quickly agreed and then became a member of GOT7’s “sister group”.

Shotaro, who used to be a fan of NCT, is now an official member of the SM boy group

Shotaro is a Japanese member of NCT. The special thing is that he wanted to become a Kpop idol after seeing NCT members’ performance in a concert. Right after that, the male idol went to SM Entertainment’s audition and was selected as a member of NCT after only 3 months of being a trainee.

And even though he has made his debut, he still regularly posts videos of him covering NCT’s songs on social networks, showing his hardcore fanboy side.

SHINee’s Key: From BoA’s huge fan to close friends, even visited by her during his military service

SHINee’s Key has been known as a huge fan of BoA for a long time. Key joined BoA’s fandom when he was still an elementary school student.

In 2006, Key joined SM as a trainee after passing the audition and became a member of SHINee in 2008.

Not only did he have the opportunity to get closer to his idol by joining SM, but Key also became a close friend of BoA after a long time of being labelmates. 

Key made many BoA’s fans jealous when he was personally visited by BoA while serving in the military. The two also traveled to Jeju Island together in 2018.

aespa’s Karina, Winter: From fans to standing on the same stage with SNSD, BoA

Karina and Winter are two of the most popular 4th gen female idols. Debuting in aespa in 2019, they have continuously gained many impressive achievements. Both Karina and Winter are fans of their SM senior girl group, SNSD. In particular, Karina revealed that it was SNSD who motivated her to become an idol.

Not only are the two SNSD’s fans, but Karina also shared that her wish when she was young was to perform with BoA.

Karina and Winter’s wish came true when they were selected to join the project girl group GOT The Beat along with BoA, SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. Getting to perform with their idols, the two 4th gen idols were living the fangirl dreams. 

Source: K14

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