Idols who form a visual duo when standing next to each other

Netizen voted for the most beautiful and beautiful duos in each group such as Tzuyu - Sana, V - Jung Kook, Won Young - Min Joo ...

On the Pann Nate forum, the topic of “Idols who make a beautiful visual duo when they’re together” is attracting the attention of network users. Currently famous groups such as IZONE, Black Pink, Twice, NCT Dream, BTS … all own at least one duo of visuals who has their own unique traits. These idols have opposite auras but also compliment each other when standing side by side

Bona - Seola (WJSN)
Bona – Seola (WJSN)

Hyung Won Min Hyuk
Hyung Won – Min Hyuk (Monsta X).
jisoo jennie1323
Ji Soo – Jennie (Black Pink).
Moon Bin Cha Eun Woo
Moon Bin – Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO).
Taeyong Jaehyun
Tae Yong – Jae Hyun (NCT 127).
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Jung Kook – V (BTS).
Shu Hua – Mi Yeon (G)I-DLE.
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