Lee Na-eun, will she be able to get rid of the bullying controversy and start a new start with her potential as an actress? 

Lee Na-eun, an ex-member of APRIL, announced a new start. As she became more famous as an actress than a singer, attention is drawn to whether her acting activities will be able to erase her negative image. 

Namoo Actors announced on Jun 2nd that it has signed an exclusive contract with Lee Na-eun. Namoo Actors is a large entertainment that includes actors such as Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Hyo-jin, Park Eun-bin, Park Joong-hoon, Song Kang, Yoo Joon-sang, Lee Yoon-ji, Lee Joon-ki, and Hong Eun-hee, which is why many are expecting Lee Na-eun’s full-fledged acting activities.

Earlier, girl group APRIL, to which Lee Na-eun belongs, was embroiled in a controversy over bullying after former member Lee Hyun-joo claimed that she was bullied in the team. As a result, APRIL disbanded after a long hiatus, and Lee Na-eun also withdrew from the SBS drama “Model Taxi.”

Lee Na-eun

Since then, all April members, including Lee Na-eun, had temporarily suspended their entertainment activities.

Girl group April of DSP Media, a large agency that debuted Fin.K.L., Sechskies, and KARA, debuted in 2015 but did not receive as much attention as expected, but in 2018, Na-eun appeared in the web drama “A-TEEN” and became a teen’s wannabe icon, raising both the team and her individual public recognition. 

Since then, Lee Na-eun has appeared in various dramas and entertainment shows as a rising trend. She was one of the next-generation actresses whose performance is highly expected of since then, as she was recognized for her potential as a lead role in MBC’s “Extraordinary You.”

The bullying controversy in her team, which erupted as Lee Na-eun was receiving recognition as an actress, came as a great disappointment. The ongoing battle of truth ended in APRIL’s disbandment. However, as the bullying controversy has not been clearly settled, alongside the negative opinions, many also predicted Lee Na-eun’s return. 

Lee Na-eun

Attention is focusing on whether Lee Na-eun will be able to erase the negative image of her team’s bully controversy and take a leap forward as an actress after her team has disbanded and the battle for truth is meaningless.

Source: Nate

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