‘Kpop’s prettiest female idol’ was accused of bullying, making shocking comments pre-debut

Lee Na Eun was involved in bullying allegations toward former member Hyun Joo, who left April in October 2016

 On February 28, an anonymous netizen claiming to be Lee Hyun Joo (April’s former member)’s younger brother has made a post to accuse April members for bullying his sister.  April isolating Hyun Joo caused her to leave the group, even attempting to commit suicide.  This person posted a household registration book and selfies with his sister as evidence.

 Following the incident, on the evening of February 28, another netizen claiming to be Hyun Joo‘s classmate also posted about how April’s former member was bullied within her group.  According to this person, it was not “some members bullying” like in Hyun Joo’s brother’s post, but “all members of April were involved in bullying”.

Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying

 This person wrote: “I am Hyun Joo’s classmate, the actress is a former member of April. We got to know each other in high school and still keep in touch. I wrote this post because there was a bit of confusion.  All April members bullied Hyun Joo, no one were bystanders (except for Chae Kyung and Rachel, who joined the group after Hyun Joo left)”.

Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying
Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying

 Hyun Joo’s classmate pointed out the actions April members did to the 1998-born female idol. Accordingly, the one who started bullying was Jeon So Min (who left the group and is currently a member of K.A.R.D).  Chae Won, because she wanted to befriend So Min, also participated in bullying Hyun Joo. Na Eun once took Hyun Joo’s belongings without saying a word, and didn’t even apologize.  Na Eun even stole Hyun Joo’s shoes and insisted she bought it, but when Hyun Joo pointed out the name written on her shoes, Na Eun still didn’t apologize.  Other members like Yena, Jin Sol also constantly made fun of, mocked, and stepped on Hyun Joo’s feet.

 “The bullies had absolutely no apology until the very end, that she eventually had to leave the group. They even forced her lie in her letter about leaving the group to practice acting, that’s why she got criticized by so many people. If she doesn’t want to be an idol, what would she join The Unit for? I will wait for the bullies to reflect and apologize. I hope Hyun Joo overcome the difficulties and continue working. I’m glad you endured until now, let’s be happier in the future,” Hyun Joo’s classmate wrote.

Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying
Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying

 Hyun Joo was born in 1998, debuted in April’s original line-up in 2015. After a while, she ceased her activities for health reasons and left the group in October 2016 to pursue an acting career.  In 2018, Hyun Joo returned as an idol by participating in the survival show The Unit and won a slot in the debut lineup of project group UNI.T.

 The bullying controversy of Hyun Joo is making Knetz extremely angry.  Although DSP Entertainment claims to be looking into the incident, with the evidence given by Hyun Joo’s brother and friend, April is more likely to be the next girlgroup to follow T-ara and AOA with an internal bullying scandal.

Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying

 This scandal also shocked fans of Lee Na Eun – the most popular member of April.  After Na Eun was named as one of Hyun Joo’s bullies, Knet dug up her predebut’s shocking statements.  In 2013, Na Eun responded to a comment under a post about a minor who got raped: “You want to be raped by that man too?”.  Another shocking quote by Na Eun when she used Kakaostory is: “I f***ing hate you. I’ll curse you ***. Tell your father to go and do it. You bastard”.

Kpop’s prettiest female idol' was accused of bullying

 If the bullying rumors are true, it will be a scandal that has a major impact on Na Eun’s career. The female idol born in 1999 is very popular with the public after her hard work as an MC and actress.  Na Eun blew up as a new generation visual, getting many advertising contracts with brands. On the occasion of the last Lunar New Year, she ranked 1st in the vote for “the prettiest female idol in Kpop” voted by her colleagues.

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