K-pop idols who complete switch images after leaving their groups: Jinni blossoms on her own, Naeun steps out of her comfort zone  

Certain K-pop idols went through drastic transformations after departing from their former groups. 

In December last year, it was announced in a startling news that Jinni was leaving NMIXX. Now, the female idol is rumored to be making a second debut under a new company. 

After 4 months, Jinni created her own Instagram account and updated photos of her everyday life. To the surprise of the viewers, the female idol appeared in an entirely new style. Instead of her trademark pink hair, Jinni wore a bangs and a long straight black hair. 

Jinni shows her confident side after leaving the group. (Image: Instagram jiniyxxn) 
Jinni’s NMIXX period was known for a bright image and pastel-pink hair color. (Image: Kpopping) 

At her debut with GFRIEND, Umji frequently received negative feedback for her apperance. She was not conforming to the beauty standards of the time, according to netizens. However, after the group’s disbandment and Umji moving to a new agency, the idol underwent a serious transformation. The female idol looks more slender and is more bold with her styles. 

The paradox of K-biz: Good-looking idols are popular and unattractive ones also become phenomenas
Umji frequently received backlash during her GFRIEND era. (Image: News1) 
Viviz Umji
The idol is more confident with her looks. (Image: Instagram ummmmm_j.)

During her debut with I.O.I, Jeon So Mi did not stand out visually to many audiences. However, when the idol moved to The Black Label, the singer went through a major growth in her images along with more diverse styles. 

Jeon Somi
Somi during her time with I.O.I.
jeon somi mama 2022 thumbnail
Somi after her departure and solo debut.

After her departure from Apink in April 2022, Naeun is more active in everyday life updates on her SNS. She boasts an energized image with an added sensual feel. 

Son Na-eun
Naeun experiments more with her image.
Son Naeun
Previously, Naeun only went for “safe” options. (Image: Instagram marcellasne_)

Gyuri is still active in her artistic journey after leaving fromis_9. The idol is embracing a more mature image with bodycon outfits. 

jang gyuri
Gyuri takes on a more mature image with her fits.
Jang Gyuri
Gyuri of the old days appealed to a gentle and energetic image. (Image: Instagram gyurious_j)

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