Current whereabouts of the actress who got the nickname “lottery girl” after kissing Kang Dong Won 

The identity of the actress who won No. 1 in the nationwide youth monologue competition in the past is attracting attention.

Actress Shin Hae Sun has been capturing the public’s attention with her extraordinary diction and praiseworthy acting skills.

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun is working as a brand model for Cell Fusion C, and recently, she successfully finished a fan signing event at the Olive Young Myeong-dong flagship store. Therefore, not only Korean fans but also overseas fans who visited Korea for Shin Hae Sun’s fansign were drawn in.

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun is receiving a lot of love from the public, as she recently got 5,040 votes in the 5th week of October for actresses’ ‘Brand Power’ ranking, placing her at the top 10.

Shin Hae Sun recently made a guest appearance on the radio for the first time since her debut, revealing her past anecdotes, saying, “I came first in the national youth monologue contest.”

Shin Hae Sun

In the past, she won the gold medal at the 2007 Young Theater Festival National Youth Monologue Contest.

The ‘monologue contest’ here refers to a contest in which the opposing role is set up and a monologue is recited, unlike a monodrama that talks to the audience.

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun, who has shown her talent in acting since childhood, said that she dreamed of becoming an actress when she first saw Won Bin in “Autumn In My Heart” when she was a child. 

Shin Hae Sun later went on to attend an art high school where she studied acting, and also majored in film arts in college.

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun confessed that after taking a leave of absence from university, she carried her resumé and knocked on the door of several agencies, but she fell from the papers review and didn’t even have a chance to audition. 

After repeating this process for three years, Shin Hae Sun passed the audition for the drama “School 2013”, allowing her to debut as an actress. After “School 2013” ended, she started a stable acting career. 

Shin Hae Sun

She has starred in various dramas such as “Mr. Queen”, “Still 17”, “My Golden Life”, and more, playing different characters and showing off her acting range.

In particular, in “A Violent Prosecutor”, she had a kiss scene with Kang Dong Won, and at that time, Shin Hae Sun was nicknamed “lottery girl”.

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