Idols who are labelmates and of the same age but belong to different generations of K-pop 

Although these pairs of idols are similar in age and debuted under the same company, they are not part of the same generation.

Idols of the same generation don’t necessarily mean they are similar in age. The following cases are pairs of idols under the same companies from different generations of K-pop, but they are barely any year apart in age.

irene seohyun
Irene and Seohyun

Minzy was born in 1994. When she debuted in 2NE1, Minzy was only 15. She is the group’s maknae. Overcoming prejudices and stereotypes, Minzy and 2NE1 members together became one of the top 2nd generation girl groups. 

Maknae Minzy is known as an all-rounder of 2NE1 

Minzy officially left 2NE1 and YG in 2016 following 2NE1’s disbandment. This was the same year BLACKPINK debuted. Jisoo, born in 1995, is the group’s oldest member. Minzy and Jisoo are only a year old apart, but Minzy debuted in the 2nd gen of K-pop, while Jisoo is a 3rd gen idol. Their similarity is that they are both irreplaceable pieces of two legendary girl groups.

Jisoo is a year younger than Minzy but debuted 7 years later
BLACKPINK followed 2NE1 to become YG’s next top girl group

Seohyun and Irene are two of SM’s most popular female idols. Their real names are both Joohyun, they were both born in 1991, and are known for their gorgeous visuals. However, Seohyun debuted in Girls’ Generation, a 2nd gen girl group, and became the maknae, while Irene was selected as the leader of Red Velvet, a 3rd gen girl group.

Seohyun debuted in Girls’ Generation when she was still a minor
Red Velvet irene
Irene debuted in Red Velvet when Seohyun was already at the peak of her career 

Irene was a trainee at SM for 5 years. When debuting in Red Velvet, Irene was already 25, a noticeably bigger age than the average age of rookie idols. However, that didn’t stop Irene from gaining popularity and being dubbed a top visual of K-pop 3rd gen. 

Irene’s visuals at 31

EXO and Shinee are good friends. In addition to being under the same management company, the members of the two boy groups are approximately the same age. The fact that Taemin and D.O were born in the same year but represent two different generations surprises many Kpop fans. The EXO member, who debuted in Gen 3, calls Taemin, who belongs to Gen 2, sunbaenim.

At the time of debut, Taemin was only 15 years old. (Photo: Reddit)
D.O was a trainee at SM for about 2 years and debuted with EXO in 2012. (Photo: News Jamm)

Taemin showed his talent since he was a little boy. The male idol debuted when he was only 15 but took on the role of the main dancer in the group.

Taemin is only 29 years old but has been working as an idol for over a decade. (Photo: Pinterest)

BamBam (GOT7) and Bang Chan (StrayKids) are famous best friends in K-pop. The two male idols born in 1997 have a lot in common in personality. They spent time training together and both debuted under JYP.

Bang Chan BamBam
Bang Chan and BamBam were born in 1997. (Photo: Instagram bambam1a)

However, BamBam made his debut in the 3rd generation, far earlier than his best friend. Meanwhile, in 2018, Bang Chan debuted with Stray Kids, which is currently one of the top Gen 4 boy groups.

Although Bang Chan made his debut much later than his best friend, he is now highly successful. (Image: News1)
Although BamBam has left JYP, the two still maintain a beautiful friendship. (Photo: Melon)

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