“I can’t be this lazy!”… Han So-hee updated her blog for the first time in over a year

Actress Han So-hee uploaded a new post on her blog after a long time.

On the afternoon of March 20th, Han So-hee uploaded a post titled “When are you going to write on your blog, Lee So-hee?” on her blog.

han so hee

She wrote, “It’s been half a year since I’ve been wandering around blogging with all my bluffs because I want to write in flashy words. I was told to overcome the expression of language and communication through learning! It’s unreasonable for Lee So-hee, who hasn’t read a book for a year. One, I can’t do it without knowing the opinions of the fans who are waiting for the blog. Two, so I compete with quantity rather than quality.”

han so hee

Han So-hee, who revealed several photos of her cat and herself, continued, “Everyone… It’s already March. I can’t be this lazy in the meantime! There have been big and small changes and things. How have you been? I can’t even open my eyes and look at the writing I brought with me without saying hello on the excuse of being busy. Students must have already started the school year.”

han so hee

She then confessed, “I’m still trying to work hard and rest well. The problem is that I plan my day too hard so that I don’t spend my day idly. I’m thinking a lot about what is resting.”

She left closing greetings, “Are you resting well on your day off? I think a lot about how to solve a given task more efficiently and skillfully, but I’m not sure what kind of rest and recovery my body and mind want, so I’m curious about how you all rest. Sorry and thank you for today.”

Meanwhile, Han So-hee’s Disney+ original series “Soundtrack #1” is about to be released.

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