“HYBE’s next girl group” I’LL-IT members express feelings after survival program “R U Next?”

“HYBE’s next girl group” I’LL-IT started off as a K-pop artist.

In the final episode of the survival program “R U Next?” on Sep 1st, new girl group “I’LL-IT” (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee and Iroha) was formed with viewers from 182 countries/regions around the world watching. On Sep 4th, they expressed their touching feelings and bold aspirations through their agency BELIFT LAB.


Yunah said, “I didn’t know who would debut until the end, so I was really nervous whenever someone’s name was called. Miraculously, my name was called at the end, and I was filled with overwhelming emotions. I’ll prepare hard for my debut with the same mindset as when I first started my trainee life, and I’ll show you how I grow even after my debut. Thank you for your support.”

Minju confessed, “As I desperately dreamed of debuting, I’m truly grateful to everyone who chose me to become an I’LL-IT member. I want to work harder to show you my growth and become a person who can be recognized for my skills.” Moka shared, “I feel good that my long-cherished dream came true. I’ll work hard and not forget what I’ve learned from ‘R U Next?’. I’ll become a singer who can give strength to more people in the future.”

Youngseo expressed her strong ambitions, “I’m happy and moved that what I’ve always dreamed of came true. I start anew after a long training period, and I’m very nervous and excited about the future ahead. I’ll do my best in everything given to me. I’ll work really hard.”


Wonhee said, “I thought it’d be difficult to be selected as a final member. I was surprised when my name was called, and it didn’t feel real. My trainee life isn’t long, but I’ll do my best to show you a cool side that is just as cool as other members.

Iroha determined, “There was always a mixture of joy, excitement, anxiety and worry while doing ‘R U Next?’. I was surprised when my name was called. I’m very grateful to the fans and family who supported me. I just think that I should work harder and become a cool idol in the future.”

Meanwhile, I’LL-IT opened the global fandom life platform “Weverse” community as well as 5 major SNS accounts X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok on Sep 2nd to begin full-fledged communication with fans.

Source: Nate

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